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System X Renew™ Hyper Gloss Coat

System X Renew™ Hyper Gloss Coat

System X Renew™ is a product that provides HYPER Gloss and Super Slick nano protection for automobiles, commercial fleets, aviation, and marine vehicles. It is a stand-alone ultra-hydrophobic coat that repels contaminants and water, preventing harmful water spotting. It can be used as a topper for ceramic coatings or as a depth booster that conceals minor swirls. Coated surfaces are easy to clean. The product offers UV protection and can protect surfaces for up to six months. The application process is fast and easy.

Ceramic Nano – Coating Long lasting protection

System X Renew™ is a ceramic nano-coating that repels water and contaminants. Its hydrophobic properties provide long-lasting protection and increase gloss levels. The coating is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including vehicles, wheels, glass, watercraft, and aviation applications. Unlike some competitors, System X Renew™ does not contain Silicon dioxide as an active ingredient. Instead, SiO2 is formed in the chemical matrix when the siloxanes cure. The System X brand prioritises balance in the formulation to create a cured product with maximum performance.

How to use:


  1. Wash and completely dry surfaces to be coated.
  2. Clean the paint using a 50% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to water mix in a trigger sprayer. Mist the paint then wipe down with a microfiber towel.
  3. Wipe on coating by hand using a sponge or coating block, panel by panel. After wiping on wait 30-90 seconds to flash (depending on temp), then buff off with a microfiber towel.
  4. Wait 20 minutes before driving, and 4 hours before getting wet.


You can apply Renew™ in direct sun but for the best streak-free results, apply in shade on cool-to-touch surfaces.

Renew™ dries almost instantly. For the next 3 hours, Renew™ will begin a full ceramic cure. After 24 hours, the curing is complete. Avoid getting the surface wet until fully cured.

To bring rubber and soft plastic back to life, please use our System X Revive™ in our professional line.

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System X® Ceramic Protection

System X® Ceramic Protection


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