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Tenzi Pro Detailing Quartz Shampoo Concentrate

Tenzi Pro Detailing Quartz Shampoo Concentrate

Quartz Shampoo is a revolutionary car shampoo that creates a quartz coating on washed surfaces. Its nano formula enhances paintwork colour, provides extra gloss, and protects from water, dirt, salt, and UV rays. The product’s high hydrophobicity is its main feature, and every wash with it prolongs the lifetime of the quartz coating.

How to apply:

1. Rinse the car with water to remove heaviest dirt. Use pre-wash if necessary.
2. Dilute 15-25 ml of product in 5 liters of warm water.
3. Wash the car precisely with sponge or washing glove. Make sure, that you reached every piece of the car paint.
4. Rinse with demineralised water if possible.
5. Dry and buff with microfibre towel.

Quartz Shampoo contains liquid quartz which reduces foam, but it doesn’t affect its cleaning ability. Avoid diluting more than recommended to prevent staining and streaking. Use a separate glove or sponge for washing as it can be hard to rinse due to its high quartz content. Do not apply on the windscreen. Use 25-50 ml per 10 L of warm water for best results.

Capacity: 700ML,5L

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700ML, 5L


Tenzi Pro Detailing

Tenzi Pro Detailing


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