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Tenzi Ceramic Coating and maintenance kit

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Ceramic coating and maintenance kit 

Ceramic coating and maintenance kit set includes :

Quartz reloader 300ML – Extending the life of ceramic coatings.Innovative quartz-ceramic cream. Makes the surface slippery and strongly hydrophobic.

Car shampoo cleaning & care 770ML – Gentle shampoo designed for manual washing car bodies.

Bleeding rim | classic 600ML – Professional product designed for cleaning wheel rims from stubborn metallic dirt, rust and dust from brake pads.

IPA cleaner 600ML – Degreaser for paint and glass

Quartz coat 100ML – Permanent ceramic paint protection.Professional quartz-ceramic coating for long-term paint protection.

Car wash Sponge


Weight 5.00 kg





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Ceramic coating and maintenance kitTenzi Ceramic Coating and maintenance kit
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