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Tenzi Car Carnauba Wax Spray 

Car Carnauba wax in spray form is a convenient and quick way to give your car a protective and shiny finish

It can help protect your car’s paint from UV rays, oxidation, and other environmental factors

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Tenzi Car Carnauba Spray

Car Carnauba wax in a spray. Super-efficient formula. Protection and gloss.

Product based on natural Carnauba wax for quick protection of all types of car paint.

Protects from UV rays. New generation product in spray based on natural Carnauba wax.

Efficient product designed for quickly strengthening all kinds of car paints.

Provides a gloss effect to the car body, and windows and protects the car paint from UV rays.

Thanks to the liquid form of the product, it is very handy and easy to use.

How to use :

1. Spray a clean and dry surface with a slight amount of the product.
2. Spread it with a cloth or an applicator
3. Polish the surface
4. Apply a second layer of the product for better effects

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Tenzi Car Carnauba Wax Spray Tenzi Car Carnauba Wax Spray 

Availability: In stock

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