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Tenzi Tar and glue remover

Removing stubborn dirt from bodywork, windows and textile surfaces.

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Tar & Glue Remover Aeorsol

Very effective product designed for spot cleaning rubber stains, tar, sticker remains etc. Product is also good at removing marker traces, plasticine and paraffin from textile rugs. It may be used on paintwork and windows, but do not use it on plastics, rubber rugs or gaskets, because of the dissolvents and alcohol in product’s composition.

1. Spray product on a cloth or brush to avoid spraying it outside of cleaning area.
2. Apply it on contaminated spot.
3. Wait a moment for the product to take effect.
4. Wipe contaminated spot with cloth once more.
5. Repeat the process if needed.

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Tenzi Tar and glue remover

Availability: In stock

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