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Soft99 The King of Gloss White hard car wax

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Soft99 The King of Gloss White hard car wax

The King of Gloss. This wax is specially designed to bring out the maximum gloss and shine in your vehicle,

turning even the dullest paint job into a sparkling work of art.
Not only does King of Gloss provide an exceptional shine, but it also offers a smooth glide during application,

making it easy to apply without any hassle. The hydrophobic properties of this wax also help to repel dirt and water,

keeping your car cleaner for longer periods of time.
And the best part? This incredible wax provides up to 3 months of protection, ensuring that your car stays looking its best for months on end.

So if you’re a detailer or just someone who wants their car to look its best, make sure to add King of Gloss to your list of must-have products.

With its dedicated applicator, applying this wax has never been easier.


Durability: 3mo.

Applications: x30

Contains: 300g

How to apply

1 Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH-neutral shampoo, drying and decontaminating the car paint using a clay bar, a cleaner or other products.
2 Apply the product onto the included pad by rubbing it lightly into the wax after opening the can.
3 Spread the wax on your car paint thinly and evenly, panel by panel, with cross movements.
4 Wait for the wax to dry on the surface until the white residue becomes visible.
5 Polish the residue with a dry and clean microfiber cloth.


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The King of Gloss WhiteSoft99 The King of Gloss White hard car wax

Availability: In stock

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