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Soft 99 Protection Time Set Light

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Soft 99 Protection Time Set Light


Soft99 Ultra Glaco liquid wiper

Ultra Glaco is a highly regarded product in the liquid wiper category. Its popularity stems from its use of Fusso technology,

which incorporates fluoropolymers to provide unparalleled durability of up to 12 months and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

This product is effective all year round, making it a valuable investment for any driver. During summer and spring, it reduces the adhesion of dirt,

and its slipperiness makes it easy to remove insect remains from your windshield. In winter, it reduces or even completely

blocks the adhesion of hard-to-remove frost and ice on your windshield. The integrated felt applicator ensures an even coating every time,

and the product formula makes polishing residues a breeze.


Durability: up to12 months

Applications:x5 windshields

Contains: 70ml

1 Prepare the glass surface by washing it thoroughly with a pH-neutral shampoo and drying it with a towel or microfiber.
2 Shake the bottle well.
3 Take the cap off and apply the applicator to the dry windshield.
4 After application, let the coating sit on the glass’ surface for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with a slightly damp towel or microfiber.


Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax Light hard car wax

Fusso Coat is a highly effective and popular car care product that has been a bestseller in Europe for years.

It is a unique formula based on fluoropolymers, which sets it apart from traditional waxes and coatings.

This innovative product provides amazing shine, spectacular hydrophobicity, and the most reliable protection for up to 12 months.

Fusso Coat is available in two different versions designed specifically for light and dark-coloured car paint.

The product’s advanced technology allows it to create a strong and durable protective barrier that guards against harsh

environmental elements like UV rays, acid rain, and bird droppings.

One of the benefits of using Fusso Coat is that it is easy to apply and remove. This means that even those who are new to car care can use it with confidence.

When applied correctly, the product creates a deep and lustrous shine that will make any car stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are looking to protect your car’s paint job or simply give it a deep shine, Fusso Coat is an excellent choice.

It is a trusted product that has been tested and proven to deliver outstanding results.


Durability: 12 mo.


Contains: 200g

How to apply

1 Prepare your car by carefully hand-washing it with a pH-neutral shampoo, drying it and decontaminating its surface using a clay bar, cleaner or other product of this kind.
2 Get a minimal amount of product on the pad by applying gentle pressure to the surface of the wax and moving the pad around in a can.
3 Spread a thin and even layer of wax on the paintwork in a cross-motion, working panel by panel.
4 Wait about 5-8 minutes until the wax binds with the paintwork. The higher temperature, the shorter time needed.
5 Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, frequently changing the sides of the microfiber or replacing it with a new one. Work until you achieve a satisfying effect.
Neutral Creamy Shampoo car shampoo, 1000 ml
Neutral Creamy Shampoo is a highly effective and user-friendly car shampoo that promises to make hand washing your car a delightful experience.
It is known for its dense and rich foam, which easily deals with even the most stubborn dirt. Whether you use it as a pre-wash foam or directly
apply it while hand washing your car with a sponge, it guarantees excellent results.
One of the outstanding features of Neutral Creamy Shampoo is its fantastic glide, which makes the washing process quick and pleasant.
You don’t need to rush through the process either, as the shampoo is super-easy to rinse out, leaving no streaks or stains.
Even if the foam dries out while washing, it still effortlessly rinses off without any residue.
To achieve the best results, dilute the shampoo by using 75 ml for every 10 litres of water. This optimal ratio ensures maximum
effectiveness in removing dirt and leaving your car looking spotless and shiny.

How to apply

1 Rinse the car with water to remove dust and dirt.
2 Pour the shampoo onto a wet sponge and start washing your car once enough foam has accumulated.
3 In case you’re using a bucket, pour 75 mililitres of shampoo for every 10 litres of water.
4 Rinse the car thoroughly to remove remaining foam.
5 Wipe off the water with a clean towel or a microfiber.


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