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Tenzi Manual Car Wash kit


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Manual Car Washing Kit:

Clean Glass 600ml

Cleaning transparent elements

– Apply product through the sprinkler
– Brush the surface with microfibre cloth until it is dry

Rollex Wax 1L

Polishing and maintenance of the car body

How to use:
Use according to the car wash program.

Maintenance and drying:
High-pressure washing 1:500 with water (20 ml / 10 l of water) – (15 – 25 g / passenger car).
Wash down with water.

Manual washing:
1:500 with water (20 ml / 10 l of water).
Apply through a pneumatic or manual sprinkler.
The product may be diluted with water at 20-60°C temperature.

For better effects, the product should be diluted with demineralized water.
In case of using local (hard) water wipe it down and polish the surface with a soft cloth.

En-Jee concentrate 1L 

Daily cleaning of the tire’s wheel rims and wheel trims

Before using, read the product’s safety data sheet.
Make a 1:5 – 1:10 solution with water.
Spray the surface and wash it down with high-pressure water.

Textil Wash 1L 

Cleaning seats, textile rugs, upholsteries

Read the product’s safety data sheet before using it.
– Washing carpets and textile upholsteries: 100-400 ml / 10 l of warm water

carefully suck out dirt and wash down the surface with a vacuum washer
– In case of stubborn stains, repeat the process
– In case of very stubborn stains, strengthen the solution with TopEfekt® STR;
– Repeat the process if needed


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