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Tenzi Interior Car Kit


Interior Care Kit

Clean Glass – Cleaning transparent elements

Product designed for cleaning and nurturing windows, mirrors, headlights and sunroofs. It is easy

to use and does not leave any stains or light reflections.

The product leaves excellently clean windows which increases your visibility.

Clean Cockpit – Car interior maintenance

High-class product designed for thoroughly cleaning strongly contaminated plastic elements of the cockpit.

Easily dissolves exploitative dirt, removes finger marks and greasy sediments, and remains of the preserving substances.

It is very delicate to clean surfaces. Leaves a pleasant aroma and provides a long-lasting antistatic effect.

Top Fresh GT ALURE air freshener 

Air freshener 600ml with essential oils
Ready to use.

Energizing and fresh with a hint of mandarin and white musk.

It refreshes the air for a long time, additionally inhibiting the formation of unpleasant odor.


Weight 2.00 kg





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Interior care kitTenzi Interior Car Kit
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