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Tenzi Engine bay cleaning kit

Professional bundle for engine bay cleaning

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Engine bay cleaning kit :

Motorplast – Engine Bay Maintenance

Professional liquid for coating all engine bay elements. It creates a water-repelling layer, that enhances colour and improves

the look of metal and plastic parts. It is safe for electrical installations. It has antistatic properties, therefore preventing dust settlement,

and helping with drying. It can be used on dry and wet surfaces.

Method of use:
1. After washing spray all the areas of the engine bay.
2. Spread evenly (e.g with a brush) if necessary.
3. Leave to dry.
4. Repeat for better results.


Clean Engine – Engine cleaner

Effective active foam designed for washing and polishing engine elements. The product effectively dissolves petroleum contaminations

and highway dirt. It is harmless to gaskets and metal elements. May be used on other metal elements of the vehicle.

1. Spray product on polluted surface
2. Wait 30-60 seconds until the product starts working
3. Use a brush in case of strongly contaminated elements
4. Wash everything down with highly pressured (preferably hot) water


Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm – Durable and delicate microfiber towel made of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide

Perfectly absorbs dust and water, suitable for wax polishing and quartz coatings.
Also useful for cleaning of glass, plastic, paint, textile and leather.
Safe for paint.



Precise brush 21mm – Wooden round brush with soft yet elastic hair for the comfortable spreading of cleaning preparations on different surfaces

Effectively supports the efficiency of acting chemical agents.

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Tenzi Engine bay cleaning kit

Availability: In stock

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