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Duel Snow Foam Lance


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Duel Snow Foam Lance

Duel Snow Foam Lance is a tool used for applying various detailing products, including Pre-Wash and Snow Foam, as well as vehicle sealants. The Duel Snow foam Lance is made with high-quality materials, including a transparent PVC bottle with a wide neck for easy filling, and a stainless steel quick-release fitting. The lance body has two adjustment controls to change the product-to-water ratio and spray pattern angle. The lance comes with a 1-litre bottle and a pickup tube with a metal filter plate to prevent blockages. Quick-release fittings are available for most pressure washer brands.


  • Fully adjustable product ratio control ( Foam Thickness Controller)
  • Quick-release connection
  • Fittings for all significant pressure washer brands
  • Fully adjustable foam spray pattern
  • Easy to fill, ergonomic bottle
  • A wide bottomed, strong pvc bottle that will free stand
  • No need for PTFE tape
  • Handy (ml) measurement markings on the lance bottle
  • Pickup tube supplied with a metal filter plate to stop debris & blockages


  • Fix the dip tube to the underside of the lance body
  • Connect your chosen fitting to the lance
  • Add the recommended amount of Duel Snow Foam and water to the lance bottle
  • Screw the bottle onto the lance body
  • LET IT SNOW…..


  • Max pressure output: 3200 PSI
  • Max water flow input: 20 litres20litre per minute
  • 1 litre bottle
  • Construction: Stainless Steel nozzle and valve stem

Weight 0.200 kg





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Duel SNOW FOAM LANCEDuel Snow Foam Lance

Availability: In stock

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