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Duel Element – Hybrid Wax

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Duel Element – Hybrid Wax

Element Hybrid Wax is a combination of natural waxes and synthetic additives that provides a durable and attractive gloss. It offers a show wax finish with great hydrophobic properties and resistance to detergents. The wax blend contains prime yellow T1 Carnauba and synthetic additives that provide rub resistance and filling properties. It has been through an extensive research and development program spanning almost two years and has a durability of over 6 months. However, the durability claim is understated to allow for variables such as weather and driving conditions.

  • incredible rich gloss finish
  • Durable paint protection
  • Durability in excess of 3-4 months
  • Easy to apply
  • One tin is enough to wax 10 + cars
  • 100ML

How To Use:

  1. Ensure the vehicle is clean and contaminate free.
  2. Prepare the panels using Duel Panel Prep, this is so all panels are oil and residue-free, ensuring the best possible surface for Element to bond with.
  3. Load a Duel Wax Applicator Disc with a quarter turn inside the wax tin.
  4. Apply Element with thin overlapping strokes as thinly and evenly as you can. This can either be in a circular or up and down motion.
  5. Apply to one panel first, and allow to cure.
  6. A simple finger swipe test will let you know if the wax is ready to buff off. If the swipe removes the wax without smearing, it’s good to remove and buff.
  7. Element Hybrid Wax can be layered. Wait 2-3 hours before applying additional layers.
  8. Do not apply in direct sunlight or high / very low temperatures.

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DUEL HYBRID ELEMENT WAX 100MLDuel Element – Hybrid Wax
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