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Duel Cleanse – Tyre Cleaner

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Duel Cleanse – Tyre Cleaner

Cleanse is a product that removes old dressings, grime, and discolouration from tire walls. It penetrates deeply to break down existing products, preparing the surface for new dressings. Clean tire walls are important for achieving the best results and ensuring the durability of your tire dressing.

  • Deep cleaning formulation
  • Easy Removal of dressings and dirt
  • Ideal preparation for tyre dressings
  • Fresh peppermint scent

How to use :

Spray Cleanse around all of the wet tyre wall surfaces
Scrub the tyre wall with the Duel tyre scrubber brush
Rinse and repeat until the suds produced are white in colour
Now the tyre wall is spotless and ready for Duel Profile

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CLEANSE - TYRE CLEANER 500mlDuel Cleanse – Tyre Cleaner
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